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Over 50 years of specialist experience


A collection of sites we arranged finance for

Finance Arranged

Paynes Pitch & Two Hedges

  • This client had been using a high street bank to provide development funding.
  • They would not provide the leverage required as his development sites grew.
  • We secured him a new lender giving him an extra 30% borrowing against loan to total cost
  • Interest rate was just a competitive
  • We have now financed 3 sites for this developer and very much part of his team.
Finance Arranged

Darkes Cottage

  • Since the Credit crunch this Builder went back to main contracting.
  • We realised his opportunity to develop out sites himself again.
  • To date we have enabled him to Develop 5 sites with 2 more under option agreement.
  • This site we purchased it unencumbered with a facility on his home
  • Later we refinanced the site to secure the next site
  • No QS or monitoring surveyor required
Finance Arranged


  • Another Developer using a high street lender
  • Cam to us as the projects were getting bigger and the need for higher leverage was required
  • They have 3 sites they are now developing
  • Before they only did one at a time
Finance Arranged

Hyde Green

  • Experienced Builder but never developed themselves
  • We secured this site with no deposit
  • 100% finance secured with a second charge on their home
  • Never been through the process we assisted with every element of the paperwork side which proved invaluable to the client
Finance Arranged

Blacksmith Lane

  • Portfolio Landlord who develops and retains his properties
  • We secured a BTL mortgage on the house
  • While splitting the plot away from the mortgaged house
  • He secured planning within 8 weeks & started on site on day of completion
  • Unencumbered new build to refinance to then find the next project  
Finance Arranged

Wye Valley View

  • First development this client was embarking on in over 10 years
  • Vendor kept changing the conditions of the purchase
  • Eventually we bought the site with 100% finance
  • GDV increased by 35% once they had finished the development
  • Ground contamination found and the bank gave them additional funds to solve this issue