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Miles Wallace

Miles Wallace

Director, Development and Portfolio Broker

Creating The Mortgage Branch in 2018 after being a broker for 8 years, this allowed me to pass my residential back book to the company & Our staff.  Giving me time to focus on a gap in the market, Commercial Mortgages.

I started brokering commercial mortgages in 2019, and now specialise in development finance. With a strong understanding of the planning; legals and amp; and build programs, I can provide my clients with holistic guidance when assessing projects’ potential viability.

With a vast knowledge of the BTL world, I help portfolio landlords consolidate and/or gear their portfolio to reach their next goal.

I have confidence in the guidance we offer and the professionals we surround ourselves by.

David Knight


Since starting The Mortgage Branch in 2018, we discovered an underserved market. I look after high-et-orth international clients, and ensure they have the right facilities for their plan. I deal with a select  number of clients, meaning I have the time to focus my efforts on the right proposals for your project.

The Commercial Branch offers professionalism at its best.

David Knight
Dominic Sheahan

Dominic Sheahan

Director, Multi-Unit Block and BTL Specialist Broker

After 20 years of working for specialist BTL lenders as a business development manager I’ve accrued in-depth knowledge of how the lenders and their criteria work. I decided to become a broker myself in 2020 for The Mortgage Branch. 

I have now amassed a significant client bank of landlords and I help them secure the right funding at the very best rate.

I know we are the right brokerage for you and your property business.

Conrad Gamble 

Account manager

Having working in land and development for 12 years, I have gained a knowledge of how the market works and can help people get the best out of the range of services we offer.”.

Jake Aubertin
Victoria Llewellyn

Victoria Llewellyn

Commercial Mortgage Progressor

After working for a high street lender for over 10 years, I wanted to broaden my knowledge in the mortgage sector and help clients achieve their property ambitions. I joined The Commercial Branch in 2021. Since then, I have managed over 50 commercial mortgages through to completion.

I am instrumental in the process of ensuring we get your finance completed. With so many third parties involved, cases can easily get lost unless someone with a thorough understanding of the process is steering. This is me.

I’m passionate about getting your deal over the line.

Sophie Attwood

Commercial case manager 

I am new to the financial industry, however with my administration experience and my recently achieved diploma, I wanted a new challenge within a different sector. I have a keen eye for detail, so will make sure all of the numbers add up. Outside of work I enjoy walking, crafting and spending time with family and friends.


Jake Aubertin