Over 50 years of specialist experience
Access to over 400 lenders
We will not be beaten on service or speed
We work with you every step of the way
  • Over 50 years of specialist experience
  • Access to over 400 lenders
  • We will not be beaten on service or speed
  • We work with you every step of the way

Holiday Lets

One more thing off your mind, with our expert holiday let mortgage brokers.

Holiday let mortgages allow you to let on a short term basis to holiday makers or professionals securing you higher yields

They can be very attractive investments, as the yields from holiday lets can be significantly higher than rental property, but there are also additional costs involved including advertising the holiday home, paying agent fees for managing the property, cleaning and maintenance costs. It is vital to understand all of this prior to investing.

Holiday Let Mortgages

The all important figures

Max Loan to Value
5-35 Years
Interest Rates
From 2.5%
Lender Fee
From £995

Additional fees

Site Valuation
Lenders Legal fees
All our Holiday Let advisors have been in this Market for over 50 years and can provide you dedicated advice, including:
  • Identifying the right lender for your holiday let investment
  • Ensuring the investment you are buying provides the right return for you
  • Providing confidence you are making the right purchase
  • Being there throughout the whole process
  • And for the rest of your mortgage life

We’ll support you with round-the-clock service, right through to completion.

Miles Wallace, Director

Miles Wallace, Director

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Case studies

Hear our success stories

  • Helped Portfolio Landlord Grow

    Helped Portfolio Landlord Grow

    Highly-geared client which we continue to help finance purchases and remortgages:

    • £14,500,000 portfolio 

    • £10,585,000 total mortgages (73% LTV)

  • Refinance of Semi-Commercial Portfolio

    Refinance of Semi-Commercial Portfolio

    Client has built up a portfolio of shops and flats above, renovating and repurposing buildings as he buys them and secures the planning.He wanted to release funds to continue purchasing.

    • £3,300,000 value 

    • £850,000 existing mortgage 

    • £2,145,000 we refinanced

  • 5 Barn Conversions & Farm house renovation Development

    5 Barn Conversions & Farm House Renovation Development

    Clients had not developed a site in over 10 years. They required 100% funding of purchase price, fees and construction costs. We found a lender who would do this by taking extra security.

    • £4,125,000 GDV

    • £3,197,659 development loan (100% of costs)

    • £928,000 net profit 

  • Purchase of Commercial Unit for growing business

    Purchase of Commercial Unit for Growing Business

    Client had trouble with their bank securing a commercial mortgage. We secured them a better rate and  higher loan-to-value.

    • £682,500 mortgage 
    • £1,050,000 value
  • First time BNB owner

    First time BNB owner

    Client buying a BNB with no experience requires 75% LTV. 

    • £425,000 Purchase Price 

    • £318,250 Mortgage 

  • Landlord Purchasing a 27 Multi-Unit Block

    Landlord Purchasing 27 Multi Unit Block

    Required 75% loan-to-value on a property which required work.  Experience was minimal.

    • £937,500 mortgage 

    • £1,250,000 purchase price

  • Refinance of Portfolio

    Refinance of Portfolio

    Client looking to refinance whole portfolio to release equity for inheritance tax planning and secure competitive interest rate.

    • £6,500,000 value 

    • £3,900,000 mortgage  

  • Developer Requiring Large Overdraft

    Developer Requiring Large Overdraft

    Client didn’t want the expense or additional logistics of the bank appointing a monitoring surveyor or sign of valuation GDV and all the necessary insurances, legal fees etc. We secured a large overdraft on his primary residences to fund purchases and development costs.

    • £4,500,000 value of home 

    • £2,925,000 overdraft facility 

  • New Build Multi Unit Block Purchase from Developer

    New Build Multi-Unit Block Purchase from Developer

    Our client secured a new build block at a discount price. We secured them 75% LTV of the market value (not the block value or vacant possession) at competitive terms.

    • £1,500,000 purchase price

    • £1,125,000 mortgage 

  • Portfolio Landlord continuous Transactions

    Portfolio Landlord Continuous Transactions

    We have landlords who are continuously buying, renovating and refinancing to grow their portfolio and ensure it is maximising its profitability. These are portfolios that are either highly geared (75%) or lowly geared and seeking the most competitive and flexible lender, e.g.

    • Low-geared client which we refinanced with a private bank: 

    • £27,000,000 portfolio 

    • £11,610,000 mortgage (43% LTV)

  • Developer seeking higher gearing

    Developer Seeking Higher Gearing

    Developer has been working with a high street bank for 10 years but requires a high loan to enable him to grow his business. We secured him 70% LTGDV at a competitive rate.

    • £2,290,450 development loan 

    • £3,272,075 GDV

  • 5+ Years of Growth

    Highly-Geared Portfolio

    We have helped a client over a 5 year period to grow their portfolio from 5 BTL’s to over 30, with a multi discipline portfolio of MUFB’s, Serviced apartments and Professional HMO’s, through gearing their portfolio. They now stand at:

    • £14,500,000 Portfolio Value

    • £10,585,000 Total Mortgages (73% LTV)

Whatever Your Situation, We’ll Find The solution That Fits

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